LOIUS – Linking Italian University Statistics project

The Italian MIUR (Ministry of the Education, University and Research) Statistical Office publishes each academic year a complete analysis about university activities representing a very powerful and valuable source of information. The LOIUS project target is to assign meaning to the statistical data coming from the Italian University “World” using semantic technologies, interconnecting the data with other datasets and publishing the results following Linked Data principles. More at http://sw.unime.it/loius/info.html.

Dataset Linked Data

Nome: LOIUS – Linking Italian University Statistics project
Licenza: cc0
Autore della trasformazione: Giovanni Pirrotta
Data ultimo aggiornamento: 03 Jan 2010
Star-Rating (?): 4 stelle linkeddata
Sparql endpoint: http://sw.unime.it:8890/sparql
Dimensione in Mb: 120000
Descrizione RDF VoiD:
Homepage/Ulteriori informazioni: http://sw.unime.it/loius/info.html

Dataset di origine

Nome del dataset originale: Indagine sull'istruzione universitaria
Formato: altro
Licenza: altro
Autore: Ufficio statistico del MIUR
Mantainer: Ufficio statistico del MIUR