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Linked Open Data Italia (LKDI)

LKDI is a non-profit organization with the mission of helping a data ecosystem and economy to emerge in Italy.
In this portal, LKDI publishes open dataset that are easily accessible by people and applications.

We are working hard to publish quality linked data in diverse domains: public administration, instruction, infrastructures and research are some of the potential areas where free access to data can open new exciting opportunities.

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What to collaborate with us?

Use the data. Experiment with using our data in your mash-ups or applications and send feedback.
Suggest a new dataset. If you know about some interesting public domain dataset you would like to have in LOD form, tell us about it.
Publish a dataset. Do you want to publish on the portal a dataset already in LOD form? Contact us: info@linkedopendata.it

The list of the currently available datasets follows:

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Nome Descrizione
Istat-Immigrazione All statistical dataset about immgration in Italy in RDF DataCube format
LinkedOpenCamera Collaborazioni e consulenze della Camera dei deputati vigenti al 1° gennaio 2010
loc2 Aggiornamento contratti Camera dei Deputati 2010
los Collaborazioni e consulenze del Senato della Repubblica, 2010
GR-Ricettività Piemonte Accommodations in Piedmont in GoodRelations format
GR-Ricettività Toscana Accommodations in Tuscany in GoodRelations format
Musei Italiani All italian museums
CAP Italia Codici Avviamento Postale
CNR-IT Organizzazione Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Scuole Italiane 50.000 puclib italia schools
LOIUS The LOIUS project – Linking Italian University Statistics